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Easter & Good Friday Dinners

Full Meal Available For Pick-up.

Choose From...

    Baked Ham or Roast Turkey

Starches - Choose Three...

    Mashed, Parsley, Sweet, Scalloped, Potato Filling,

    Bread Filling or Mac & Cheese

Vegetable - Choose One...

    Corn, Peas, Green Beans or Glazed Carrots 

Included with Every Dinner...

    Fresh Fruit Salad, Cole Slaw, Fresh Vegetables

     with Dip, Rolls, Butter, Apple Pie







            $17.95 per person

(Sales Tax & Delivery Fee will apply)



Choose All White Meat Turkey: $19.95 per person

(Sales Tax & Delivery Fee will apply)



Save the Delivery Fee and Pick-up Your Holiday Feast!!!


Add Extra Meat

Only $3.95 per person!


Check out Hess Catering's Ala Carte Page

To Complement your Own Home Cooked Meal!!


Bread & Potato Filling, Cooked & Sliced Meats, Potatoes, and 

many other items!!


Enjoy the Holiday with home cooked food without all the work!


Individual Platters....$13.95each

Includes choice of Baked Ham, Roast Turkey, Stuffed Chicken Breast, Top Round of Beef,

Mashed Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Filling, Gravy, Corn, Cole Slaw, Roll & Butter, Dessert


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Please call (570) 385-3578 to make reservations

Monday thru Friday 9:30 to 4:30 - Leave a message anytime! 



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