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Hot Dogs with Sauerkraut (each) $1.50/each Italian Meatballs (4 servings/lb) $7.95/lb
Swedish Meatballs (4-5 servings) $7.50 Meatloaf (loaf pan, serves 10 people) $39.95
Barbecue (regular) (5 servings) $6.50/lb Barbecue (Texas Style) (5 servings) $7.95/lb
Sausage (Fresh, Hot, Sweet) (4 Servings) $6.95/lb Sausage (Plain, Hot, Sweet) with Peppers, Onions and Sauce $7.95/lb
Italian Steak (4  Servings) with sauce peppers and onions. $7.95 Hamburgers (in Beef Broth) $2.25/each
Hamburgers (in Beef Broth and Onions) $2.50/each Halupki (sold by the dozen) $2.25/each
Chicken Tenders (all white meat) $1.75/each Chicken Nuggets (all white meat) $7.50/dozen
City Chicken $2.25/each Chicken Pieces (Baked, BBQ, Fried, Roasted - Bone In) $1.75/piece
Fried Chicken (Drumstick, Thigh, Breast) $20.50/dozen Pierogies (with butter & onion) $0.85/each
Boneless Chicken Breast $2.85/each Hawaiian Chicken Tenderloin (on bamboo skewer) $2.95/each
Half BBQ Chicken $4.95 Roast Beef $9.95/lb
Whole Top Round of Beef (20-22 lbs avg) $5.95/lb Baked Ham (by the pound) $7.95/lb
Whole Baked Ham (12-14 lbs avg) $4.95/lb Fresh Roast Pork $7.50/lb
Pork BBQ Spare Ribs $8.95/lb Pork Chops $7.50/lb
Pork Barbeque (5-6 Servings) $7.95/lb Smoked Kielbasa $9.95/lb
Turkey (All White Meat) $9.95/lb Turkey Breast - Whole (6lbs & up) $6.95/lb
Turkey (White and Dark, Boneless) $9.50/lb Turkey (All White Sliced, Boneless) $9.50/lb
Stuffed Turkey (stuffed w/bread filling) $7.95/lb Stuffed Shells $1.75/each
Manicotti $1.75/each Gravy $4.50/qt
Crab Cakes $4.95 each Stuffed Chicken Breast - 4oz $4.00 each
Lasagna (small 12-16 servings) $39.95 Stuffed Chicken Breast - 8oz $6.95 each
Baked Ziti (small pan) $29.95 Lasagna (large 24-30 servings) $65.00
Wings (Hot/Mild/BBQ/Parmesan Peppercorn) $12.95/dozen Baked Ziti (large pan) $48.95

Filling - Potatoes

  Filling (Bread or Potato)    
Loaf Pan (up to 10 people)
Small Pan (up to 20 people)
1/2 Deep Pan (up to 30 people)
Thin Pan (up to 40 people)
Full Pan (up to 60 people)
Potatoes - Mashed Potatoes - Parsley Potatoes - Scalloped Potatoes (Sweet)
Full Pan - $59.95
Full Pan - $59.95
Full Pan - $69.95
Full Pan - $65.95
Thin Pan - $39.95
Thin Pan - $39.95
Thin Pan - $49.95
Thin Pan - $45.95
1/2 Deep Pan - $33.95
1/2 Deep Pan - $33.95
1/2 Deep Pan - $39.95
1/2 Deep Pan - $37.95
Small Pan - $24.95
Small Pan - $24.95
Small Pan - $32.95
Small Pan - $28.95
Loaf Pan - $19.95
Loaf Pan - $20.95
Loaf Pan - $28.95
Loaf Pan - $24.95
Mini Pan - $12.95 Mini Pan - $12.95 Mini Pan - $13.95 Mini Pan - $13.95



Potato Salad $4.50/lb
Macaroni Salad $4.50/lb
Cole Slaw $4.50/lb
Pepper Cabbage $4.50/lb
Pasta Salad $4.50/lb
Baked Lima Beans $3.95/lb
Baked Beans - (Regular) $3.95/lb
Chicken Salad $4.95/lb
Egg Salad $3.95/lb
Ham Salad $4.95/lb
Tuna Salad $4.95/lb
Fresh Fruit Salad $6.50/lb
Pickled Eggs (Red Beet) $.95/each
Deviled Eggs $1.25/each half egg
Homemade Rice Pudding $4.95/lb
Pierogies with Butter and Onions $.85/each
VEGETABLES any variety $1.25 per person











Dinner Rolls $4.25/dozen
Hamburger/Hot Dog Rolls $4.00/pack of 16
Steak Rolls (7" New York) $5.95/dozen
Kaiser Rolls $5.95/dozen


Soups (3 gallon minimum - lesser quantities may be available - please call!)

Bean $25.95/gallon
Beef Vegetable $25.95/gallon
Vegetarian Vegetable $25.95/gallon
Chicken Noodle $25.95/gallon
Chicken Rice $25.95/gallon
Turkey Rice $25.95/gallon
Turkey Noodle $25.95/gallon
Split Pea $25.95/gallon
Beef Noodle $25.95/gallon
Creamy Tomato $25.95/gallon
Tomato Rice $26.95/gallon
Chicken Corn Noodle $26.95/gallon
Cabbage Soup $26.95/gallon
Minestrone $26.95/gallon
Cream of Broccoli $27.95/gallon
Cream of Potato $27.95/gallon
Cheesy Potato $28.95/gallon
New England Clam Chowder $30.95/gallon
Manhattan Clam Chowder $30.95/gallon
Italian Wedding $30.95/gallon
Chili $30.95/gallon
Sausage Soup $30.95/gallon
Jambalaya $35.95/gallon

Casseroles & Stews

Chicken Pot Pie Call for price
Ham Pot Pie Call for price
Beef Pot Pie Call for price
Ham & String Beans with Potatoes Call for price
Hearty Beef Stew Call for price
Chunky Chicken Stew Call for price
Macaroni & Cheese Call for price
Shells in Marinara Sauce with Meat Call for price
"Beef-a-Roni" (Beef and Macaroni with sauce) Call for price
Shepherd's Pie Call for price
Haluskie (Cabbage Onions Potatoes & Noodles) Call for price
Gravy $4.50/qt

Prices subject to change without notice. Call for latest!



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